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Wooden Floor Sanding

Wooden Floor Sanding for residential and commercial clients

Wooden floors are installed in public and office buildings, bungalows, houses, studios, flats, and commercial buildings across London. Wooden Floors are a timeless classic for any type of interior, but for exteriors too, such as open or closed patios. They are enduring and beautiful, and manage to combine well with all styles of interior design, whether it’s something elegant, art deco, shabby chic, or other modern design concepts. However, all wooden floors end up suffering from wear and tear, especially in highly circulated areas. They can get scratched  from furniture and appliances, can get stained, or the floorboards get crooked and disjointed. Wood is a “living” material that keeps changing its shape over the years. Poorly matured wood especially can lead to an imperfect floor after some time. In most cases, this doesn’t mean the entire floor needs to be replaced. It’s usually the case that a few boards need replacing or adjusting, and some sanding.
Wooden Floor Sanding

We provide professional wooden floor sanding for both residential and commercial areas. We have experience working with all types of wood floors, for various sizes, and have taken on both small and large projects.

We have worked in spaces such as libraries, private homes, schools, cafes, public offices, and more.

When it comes to the restoration of a wooden floor, we provide services such as board replacement, refitting, gap filling, adjusting, sanding, sealing and/or staining. We can provide any type of finish you like, from satin-like to a high gloss appearance.

Our technicians and professionals use high quality machinery, such as:

  • Handheld machines
  • Polishing sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Trio sanders
  • Dust-free sanders

The type of tools we use depends on whether we’re dealing with hardwood or softwood, the size and type of surface that needs sanding, and types of results you want.

We provide a complete package of services for wooden floors, such as:

  • Consultation and free quotes over phone
  • Appointments for assessments and inspection
  • Appointments for services at your preferred time
  • Assistance in finding texture, pattern, and color-matching replacements
  • Complete floor replacement
  • Restoration and renovation
  • Wood floor fitting
  • Wooden floor sanding
  • Sealing
  • Staining (dark, medium, light, natural, etc.)
  • Vibrant color staining (white, green, bright red, and more)
  • Waxing, oiling, and/or varnishing

The proper care and maintenance of your wooden floors should only be handled by professionals. Our technicians have worked with all types of floors, and are experienced in dealing with all types of issues. They perform the correct assessment and help you decide whether a floor can be restored or needs to be replaced, leading you through the whole process.

We rely on customer satisfaction and always deliver projects on time, as agreed by contract. In order to service at your convenient times, we work on all weekdays, weekend days, and holidays and bank holidays too.

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