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Staircase Restoration

Wooden staircases and banisters suffer some of the worst wear and tear in a home or commercial building, because they see a lot of traffic. They get scratched, torn, stained, loose at the joints, or crooked. In some cases, it’s a simple job of restoration by a professional; in others, partial or total replacement might be necessary.


Either way, wood staircases are high risk areas if they’re not carefully maintained and cared for. They need regular check-ups by professionals, as well as maintenance. Whether you need the restoration or assessment of damage for a staircase or banister, we are at your service.


Our team of professional technicians are completely experienced with all types of stairs and multiple types of wood, and are fully equipped to handle any kind of project. We provide on-location surveys and inspections, assessing the level of damage and discuss the steps to be taken with our clients.


We advise you on the perfect solutions and provide you with information on all options. Project development is then made according to a strict plan.

Staircase Restoration

Here’s a sample of the services we offer:


  • On-location survey and assessment
  • Inspection of the condition, layout, and number of steps that need repair
  • Removal and replacement of damaged steps
  • Assistance in finding color, pattern, and texture-matching replacement boards
  • Sanding and sealing
  • Varnishing
  • Staining in a variety of tones and colors at your preference
  • Removal of scratches, splinters, grooves, or other damage
  • Gap filling and adjusting
  • Restoration and renovation


Our technicians can tackle any kind of project, and any type of staircase, from regular to spiral, from contemporary, to loft, or enclosed spaces. They use innovative solutions and techniques in wood care and restoration, and are equipped with top-notch machinery like handheld sanders, polishing sanders, dust-free sanders, or trio sanders.


We prefer to work with natural substances:


  • Gaps are filled with a mixture of resin and sawdust
  • Sealing and staining is made with eco-friendly substances that contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients.


We rely on the satisfaction of our clients, and no project is too small for us. We take pride in delivering projects to completion on time, and following the exact specifications of our clients. We offer consultation over phone, or can set up appointments for surveys and assessments.


In order to be at your disposal at your convenience, we are open for business from Monday to Sunday, as well as on holidays and bank holidays.