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Top Quality Wooden Floor Services

Wooden Floor Services We Offer

At My Floor Sanding you will receive top quality wooden floor services. Parquet and hardwood floors create a sense of well-being, affluence, comfort, and respectability. We have worked on countless commercial, office, and residential buildings and know plenty about wooden floors services. Our portfolio includes hundreds and thousands of sanded floors, restoration and renovation projects, floor installations, and a lot more. We take different factors into account, including outdoor and indoor conditions, imperfections, wood species, grain, texture, colour, traffic, and many others. Our sanders, fitters, and installers specialise in softwood and hardwood floors, speciality flooring for multi-use facilities, and major and minor repairs. We take an individual approach to each project and offer a wide range of options for customers to choose from. Your health and safety is a priority for us and we take our job very seriously. Our technicians have experience with different styles and designs such as brick, basket weave, diagonal basket weave, diagonal herringbone, double herringbone, herringbone, and many others. Mosaic floors are installed in geometric shapes and patterns such as lozenges, triangles, squares, and others. Some designs are ideal as a backdrop for furniture, ornaments, rugs, and carpets while others are designed for high traffic premises and areas. The thickness of floorboards is also an important factor and usually varies from 1 to 15 mm.
We discuss different flooring options with our clients to help them choose the best solution for their office, school, gym, studio, or home. If your flooring requires repairs or replacement, we can help at any time. We never rush into a project and discuss all options, with their pros and cons. Parquet floorboards are made from various wood species with different grains to create pleasant, eye catching, and unique patterns. Our technicians offer advice on popular parquet and hardwood flooring types to help customers save money without compromising quality. Whether you want us to install parquet blocks with a shiny or polished finish or floorboards with a matt finish, we will help you with your project. We use advanced techniques, tools, and products for a healthier environment for your family or employees. We are committed to offering environmentally friendly services to help minimise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. With flexible booking times, you can contact us at any time of the week. Just let us know ahead of time if you need changes to be made to your appointment.