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Residential Floor Sanding

Residential floor sanding helps restore the beauty, elegance, and aesthetic appeal of wooden floors

Materials such as parquet, timber, particleboard, and cork can be sanded, and some types of flooring are specifically designed for sanding. The process involves coating, sanding, and initial preparation. Special protective sealants are used.

Our sanders will remove any stacks, staples, and adhesives. Some types of adhesive damage the machines and clog paper and make the sanding process difficult. After the initial preparation we will make the floorboards flat by using coarse-grid paper. This is the first cut. We will use large sanders to sand your wooden floors and an edger for hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, corners, and edges.

Gaps are also filled at this stage, if required. The second cut is done by using grit papers. We use finishing machines and belt sanders. The final stage involves coating with different sealants such as oils, polyurethane, and others.

Residential Floor Sanding

There are different types of resufacers, sealants, and floor coating systems that help repair floor damage. We use popular finishes that are waterproof, durable, and low maintenance. They come in different colors and types – matte, high gloss, satin, and semi gloss. Customers are free to choose from a selection of professional materials such as:


• Lacquer • Moisture-cured urethane • Varnish • Water-based urethane • Oil-modified urethane • Paste wax • Shellac


We also use penetrating sealers and conversion varnish sealers which are solvent or alcohol based. There is a selection of natural products made from linseed or tung oil to improve hardness and drying. Our sanders will help you choose a product within your budget. Paste wax, for example, is long lasting, easy to repair, fast drying, and inexpensive. Water-based urethanes are made of film-forming components such as plasticizers and resins and are more expensive. Many customers go for oil-modified urethane because it is moisture-resistant, fast drying, and durable.


During the floor sanding process, we use advanced machines and equipment such as drum and belt sanders. State-of-the art dust control vacuum systems are used for dust-free sanding. They are equipped with powerful vacuum motors and dust filters to capture dirt and dust. Special equipment and high quality products are used to coat, buff, and refinish wooden floors. We also specialize in decorative woodwork and fire damage and water damage repairs. Our customers in London enjoy timely service, fast response, and free evaluation.