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Parquet Floor Sanding

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet means small compartments in French. These are either mosaic or wooden pieces used for floor covering. Parquet floor sanding has various symmetrical or angular arrangements, comprising of triangles, squares, and curves. Parquet floors are typically used in bedrooms or lobbies as an alternative of floor tiles because they are deliberated as a better choice when it comes to flooring.

We are Professionals!

We at My Floor Sanding offer professional and top quality parquet floor sanding service to those who are interested or considering such flooring to use in their homes or commercial structures. Parquet floors looks elegant, classy, and lasts for years if dealt with care. It is considerably better than floor tiles since it enriches and adds warmth and comfort to the room.

Parquet Floor Sanding

Our Parquet Floor Sanding Services

Our services are not only limited t parquet floors. We also deal with wooden floors. We offer services like crack filling, smoothing & polishing, and sealing of the floor. It is possible for parquet floor sanding to get out of shape, which is not a problem at all. Simply substituting a piece can entirely alter the look of floor and become appealing again. To mend the parquet floors, there are a view things needed to bring back the beauty of floor to the best. Therefore, we are here at your service if your parquet floor needs repairing or replacement.


Here are some more services that we offer: floor sanding and buffing, polishing and hard waxing, finishes and refinishing, sealing and staining, floor repairs, floorboard sanding and laying, and restorations and renovations, etc.

Maintenance is Necessary!

Parquet floor sanding requires exceptional maintenance to last for a long time. It requires to be polished to get rid of the stains. For polishing, usually wax is preferred as it eliminates the stains and blemishes from the floor and makes it look new all over again.


There are pros and cons of every type of flooring. One of the advantage of using parquet floor is that is can easily regain its shine if it drops sparkle or starts looking dull. There is no need to replace the entire floor; just a few steps could make it fresh.

Second Opinion is Better

Along with providing parquet floor sanding service, we also assist our clients with advice and consultation so they can make the best suitable choice knowing well about the procedures of flooring. We guarantee on time delivery of work and constantly strive to make your floors look remarkable.


We can discuss options with you over the phone; arrangements are made for inspection of the area and requirements, and schedules are set for services at your accessibility. The inspection phase helps us to consider the elements like indoor and outdoor conditions, so that we are able to advice properly. We converse numerous possibilities with the clients for their ease.

Mod and Techy!

We use latest technology and up-to-date equipment, which helps us finish our job in a time saving and improved manner. With enhanced technology, parquet floor sanding has turned out to be a stress-free procedure. Our machineries comprises of different kinds of sanders for different types of floors.


We give our clients control of choosing the finishing look as per their desire. They can choose satin appearance or high gloss finish. Although, both looks equally stunning however, we offer our customers multiple options so they are happy with the final look and overall results.

Key to Success!

We are professionals who deals in both residential and commercial developments. We have worked with variety of floor dimension of parquet floor sanding. We use precise techniques and sanders for each type respectively. That is why our clients are contented with our high quality. We have driven several small and significant ventures and finished with the best outcomes rendering client’s anticipations. We are flexible to customer’s requirements and make sure that our effort is up to the mark because customer satisfaction is the fundamental for our success.


We make full effort to benefit our customers with top quality without compromise. Our employees are skilled in their fields, have understanding of diverse styles and designs, and are familiar with the advanced techniques and gears to turn your imaginations into reality.

Tips for You!

Quite a few ways can help sustain the parquet floor sanding. Some of these guidelines can make your floor last for extended period. If there is spill on the parquet floor, wipe it at once with a damp and not wet cloth. Doing this will certainly not leave any stain mark. This type of floor requires regular cleaning. Make sure to get in touch with the experts in time for any kind of service involving maintenance, replacement or mending, and refurbishing before it is too late for the parquet floor to regain its originality.