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Office Floor Sanding

Cleanliness, good atmosphere, and appearance make a good first impression to business partners, visitors, and suppliers. At My Floor Sanding we help clients update and renovate wooden floors in a range of environments and to transform their premises and properties, whether office or commercial. From retail units to office buildings, our portfolio includes hundreds of small and large projects in diverse business and commercial environments. With our help your wooden flooring will turn into a valuable asset that stands out.


A wooden floor, whether parquet or oak, will soon begin to look worn out, dull, and less than impressive due to high traffic in busy commercial environments. Many business owners invest in hardwood or parquet flooring because of its aesthetic appeal, durability, beauty, and versatility.


Wooden floors look expensive and stylish and are made from natural materials. At the same time, even high quality floors require attention and care to keep them in top condition. More and more businesses invest in expert floor sanding and renovation to maintain good atmosphere and the professional appearance of their office space and premises.

Office Floor Sanding

Whether it is a retail unit, office building, or another business or commercial space, we will help restore the former appearance of your flooring for many years to come. Our customers enjoy plenty of benefits:


• Dustless floor sanding • Minimum disruption • Flexible scheduling • Healthy and safe working environment • Restoration and sanding for any budget


We promise to cause minimum disruption to your business and day-to-day activities and will schedule an appointment at hours when no one is around. Our technicians use natural products to ensure that your office is a safe environment for employees, visitors, partners, and customers. Restoration is our specialty – we will replace or repair damaged or worn out planks and will fill gaps where necessary. With many years of industry experience, our technicians can handle any sanding project, whether hardwood or softwood such as solid, factory-finished, engineered, parquet, or another type.


We work with flooring made from domestic species and exotics such as oak, walnut, maple, ash, birch, and other wood species. Ultimately, the goal is to create a pleasant environment for your employees. A welcoming, safe environment means better efficiency and productivity and higher returns for businesses. Our customer service and technicians are ready to discuss different flooring types, restoration methods, and materials to suit your preferences, requirements, and budget range.