How to do floor sanding? – Tips and Techniques

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Planning to sand your floors to give them a new polished look? Well, we have some tips and techniques which you can use to get the perfect finish for your floor. These tips have been tested and are extracted out of years of experience.
The first step whenever you start sanding a floor is preparation. Without it, there is a risk of damage. Amateur prepping may cost you more than hiring a professional for it. So, we recommend you take professional help. This will take less time and less costs also.

Make sure you have the proper grit sandpaper:

You need to ensure that the sandpaper you use is according to the type of floor boards. The paper should be coarse enough for fine finish and make the surface levelled. You can take 22-24 grit for this purpose, especially if the floor is being sanded for the first time. If you take the right grit, you will need less paper and your costs will decrease. For more information, you can ask “My Floor Sanding” experts.

Sand properly without leaving any portion:

Though sanding takes too much physical effort, it’s worth it. You can see visible differences when your floor gets even enough. Make sure you divide the floor into portions and then go through it one by one. You can also seek professional help if physical effort is too much for you. The edges are a tough part and you should ask someone who has done this job before.

Try to sand your floors diagonally:

This is a super-efficient trick. You will end up doing the job mor
e quickly and easily and you can reach the corners easily this way.

Don’t put too much effort on the corners or edges:

We know that the edges are important but they also take much time and are physically tiring to level. A professional can help you but if you want to do it yourself, put more effort in the main area and the middle and finish at the edges in the end. For edges, you can take 80-100 grit and for the main area you can take more than 100 grit sandpaper and this will do a smooth job.

You should change the sanding paper on time:

This is a most common mistake we all make while sanding our floor. We get so involved in the process that we forget to change the sanding paper. The papers actually lose their functioning after a while and you will just be rubbing them on floors without any results. New papers will sand more quickly and effectively, so keep changing them from time to time.
If you need any professional advice or want to hire someone who has experience and is certified in doing this job, you can call My Floor Sanding. You will be guided properly and your costs will reduce significantly once you seek out expert advice and guidance.
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