How To Clean Hardwood Floors

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The only way you can keep hardwood floor refinishing last long and stay in a fine condition is that you clean them time and again. It doesn’t matter if your cleaning is a routine chore or you go a step ahead and deep cleanse your floor to wipe off stains of spills stuck in the floor partitions, you need to know the right procedure and the products which will do the task properly and accurately. Regular cleaning is necessary because doing this will save your floors from losing their color and shine and spills will not stain the floor and go hard on their health in the long run. So, I recommend you clean any spill or stain as soon as it occurs. But you need to be careful about the preparation, product and after care. 

Preparation of Hardwood floors for optimal cleaning

Before you apply any product on the floor and clean it off with brushes with hard bristles, I recommend your clean the floor off of hairs and debris which is larger than dust so it doesn’t create marks or scratches on the polished hardwood floor when scrubbed off and the floor’s shine remain intact. You can use a simple broom or a piece of fibrous cloth to clean off the particles which are visible to the eye. 

Daily chore cleaning

There are a lot of products available in the market for cleaning wooden floors but I recommend not to apply them directly on the floor as it has the ability to damage the floor polish and the wood sometimes. So, it is better to mix them in a bucket of water before mopping the floor with such liquids. It would clean the floor without damaging it. But be careful that the mop should not be soaking wet with the solution rather a bit damped or dried out so the floor dries out quickly and the chemicals do not stay on for long. The product should be a little diluted one. 

Also, cleaning wooden floors as a daily chore only pays off when you actually do it regularly and according to your family structure or the location of your place. Houses with industries around them, or with pets in them require more cleaning than houses with one or two people living in them.  

Hardwood Stain removal techniques

If the liquid stays on too long on the floor such as tea or coffee spill, they can warp off the hardwood and you cannot clean it without professional analysis and help. If there are marks from colored crayons or pencils, I recommend you use liquid wax and wipe them off with a piece of cloth after letting it stay for some time. This waxy liquid has the ability to give a new shine to your old wooden floor, so doing this without having a spill off and on can make your floor appear new every time. 

How deep cleaning can be done right?

Though tiresome, deep clean can actually help increase the life of wood used in your floors. But never use a generic product for all purpose cleaning because it has the ability to cause cracks and tear off the layers of varnish on a wooden floor. I also recommend using a vacuum cleaner for the corners of the floor and a wipe with cotton cloth to finish off. You should never leave water on the wooden floor because water will damage the hardness of the floor. Also, try to create as less dampness and humidity in the room as possible to keep your floor dry after a deep clean. 

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