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Floor Sanding Hillingdon

Floor Sanding Services in Hillingdon

Floor sanding is a practice in which the topmost surface of a wooden floor is detached via abrasive constituents. It is used to renew the surface of floor for renovation purposes or to restore the shine. Not only wooden floors, but also any other type of floor can also be sanded. Floor sanding Hillingdon is a cost effective approach refurbishing the floor without swapping the entire floor.

How Is It Done?


There are generally three stages to sand the floor. First being preparation followed by sanding and then putting a protective varnish to seal the floor from being damaged. As technology advances, techniques also alter.

There are modern machinery available particularly for floor sanding Hillingdon. These machines are equipped with the latest technology to smoothen the work and give out the best results in less time.

Damage Is Normal!


Floors are an imperative fragment of a room. Hence, it should look superlative at all times. However, floors do need to be upheld as well. If roughly used, it is scratched.

Floor Sanding Hillingdon

The damage can be slight or major one. It is essential to treat the floor in time otherwise there are probabilities to replace the complete floor. An insignificant crack, gap, or stain leads to a bigger problem.

Damage is normal because when something is used every day, it is affected. Yet, the important part is to halt the damage from elevating to high levels. There is a possibility that by merely filling the gap, fixing a crack, and tinting the floor, originality of the floor can be recovered. Conversely, if there is more than that, professionals should be reached out at once. Thus, here we are to facilitate you!

Be Aware Of The Process:

As mentioned previously, the primary step of floor sanding Hillingdon is preparation. The upper most surface of the floor is removed by eliminating glues or pins that are used to secure the surface. After that, the sanding process instigates. The floor is made even by getting rid of old varnish. Then, a fresh coating is applied after floor sanding Hillingdon. This shielding layer freshen up the look of the floor.

In advance to preparing for the sanding procedure, our experts examines the floor to see how much damage is done. Sanding process also discloses the unseen worm plagued pieces. Therefore, that has to be dispensed first before sanding the wood floor. To get rid of worm eaten parts, it is recommended to replace the spoiled bits with the new ones.

What Else?

Besides floor sanding Hillingdon, there are several other reasons that requires service of professionals. A floor can be disorganized after few years, or needs to be stained. It is also conceivable for the wooden floors to change its form as wood is a living substantial. This transformation takes place in circumstances where an immature wood is used.

Hence, My Floor Sanding is an expert in all kinds of floor relates problems and we tackle with these problems in a very professional manner.