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Decking Renovation

At My Floor Sanding we specialize in decking renovation to help protect wood from sun exposure, wind, and rain. Wood that is exposed to the elements gets damaged and ages faster, so it requires maintenance and care more often. Wooden decks are a lovely addition to a home or the outside of a commercial building, but without timely renovation, it can become damaged beyond repair.


We provide a full range of services in decking and patio renovation, as well as complete or partial replacement. We offer full assessment on location, deciding and determining with you the extent of damages and consult on the best solutions, providing you with complete information on your options.


We inspect the levels of discoloration, aging, scratching, wear and tear, as each type of wooden decking requires different conditioning. Our team of professionals is experienced in working with a wide variety of wood types, and thus prepared to take on any project.

Decking Renovation

Our use of specialized systems, equipment and methods allows us to restore decks of any kind and any size. Here are just some of our services:

  • Peeling and removal of old coating layers
  • Sanding to restore color and shine
  • Straightening of bowed or cupped boards
  • Gap filling
  • Punching in of protruding nails and replacement of damaged ones
  • Restoration of grey faded boards, scratches or damages
  • Sanding to restore flat surfaces
  • Staining with natural pigments that are free of chemicals and harmful ingredients
  • A wide variety of pigments, from natural to vibrant colors
  • Replacement of damaged boards to match color, texture and pattern


There are multiple benefits to care for and maintain your decking, or to restore it to its original condition and beauty:


  • Prolongs the life of your deck
  • Increases your property’s value
  • Gives a good first-impression, both on residential and commercial
  • Provides you with an outdoor space you can enjoy


We take pride in offering high quality services and going above and beyond to match and surpass our clients’ expectations. Our professional technicians deliver projects on time, using top-notch methods and following a strict plan. They use modern and efficient machinery such as polishing sanders, handheld sanders, trio sanders, and other tools that correct damage on your decking or patio.


They also provide you with samples of wood, stains and finishes so you can decide on what you want done or replaced.

We are available all days of the week, on weekend days, and on holidays and bank holidays, striving to service at your convenient times. We provide consultation and free quotes over phone call, but we can also set up an appointment for an inspection and assessment.