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Commercial Floor Sanding

Commercial Floor Sanding Company

Flexible working hours, professional commercial floor sanding, 24/7 customer service, friendly and fully insured technicians – we have it all to meet your needs.

Our fitters and installers have the skills and experience to finish, repair, install, and sand wooden floors of different designs, styles, and sizes. We have installed and repaired wooden floors for hundreds of commercial and business premises, including:

• Racquet-sport courts • Leisure centers • Shopping malls, retail outlets, boutiques • Dance, aerobics, and yoga studios • Gyms and sports centers • Community centers

We also offer sanding, repair, and restoration services for nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, motels, and inns. Our fitters have extensive experience with wooden floors installed at department stores, banks, office buildings, and institutions.

We also serve schools, hospitals, cafes, and other commercial and institutional clients. With countless satisfied customers, we have worked on wooden floors in industrial, governmental, educational, commercial, and other buildings.

commercial floor sanding

Our technicians also have experience with floor sanding in convention centers, medical centers, nursing homes, service offices, public houses, boarding schools, and concert halls. We also serve institutional clients and government buildings such as courthouses, city halls, and fire stations. Whether you run a small family store or a large commercial building, we will fill any gaps, change damaged floorboards, remove splinters, and give your flooring a fresh new look.

We will work around your budget and will deliver to the highest industry standard. Our technicians work flexible hours and will finish your Commercial floor sanding project on time. We know that many customers have busy work schedules and we work around their schedule. We will work quietly and diligently and will help enhance your premises. Our technicians are hard working, friendly, responsible, responsive, and punctual. They offer free inspections and quotes and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We work on bank and national holidays, weekends, and weekdays. Customers are free to cancel 24 hours before their appointment. We can also reschedule your appointment for you but give us a call ahead of time. The best part is that we have the experience, equipment, and know-how to transform your flooring and premises. We have restored and renovated hundreds of floors made of softwood and hardwood, including factory finished and unfinished floors, engineered and solid wood floors, and others. We use different finish options such as acid-cured, oil-based, moisture-cured, water-based, and other types of finishes.

Floor is an aesthetic fragment of a house. If you want to transform the appearance of a room, just modify the floor. It has an effect of making a room appear spacious or small and changes the complete atmosphere of the room by giving a sense of coolness, warmth, luxury, or coziness. Therefore, floor is the most noteworthy part of the house. It is important to choose flooring that can complement all the other rudiments of the house like walls, ceiling, and furniture.


Significance of Floors


Floors do not only play an important role in a house, but it is equally important in commercial buildings. It is a vital part of the interior and adds attractiveness to the overall structure. There are different purposes of floor. For instance, in a house, floor is used for classiness while in a commercial infrastructure, floor adds functionality. In any way, the most essential aspects are resilience and cost efficiency.


Along with that, all types of floors requires maintenance like commercial floor sanding, restoring the shine after few years, refinishing, etc. to extend the life of the floors.


Which Type to Choose?


There are plenty of options available for flooring. Mainly, wood finishes, terrazzo, timber, natural tile, laminate, and porcelain tiles are used for commercial floor sanding. Each type has its own pros and cons. When opting for a floor, you should cling to a few things like strength and toughness of the floor, and resistance of floor to high temperature, sound, weather conditions, humidity, and fire.


Floor Sanding – An Important Part!


Commercial floor sanding is essential for floor to extend its life. The floor should be refinished when it starts showing gray color, have lots of scrapes and scratches, has been damaged from dampness, or has lost its shine. Scratching also eliminates the protective covering of the floor and displays significant signs of discoloration.


Although, for commercial structures, laminate floors are recommended as it can withstand the public traffic. However, other floor types can also be used.


Let’s Get Started!


We are “My Floor Sanding” situated in London and we deal with all types of floor related jobs. We offer services like commercial floor sanding, replacement, staining, gap and crack filling, and freshening up the look of your floor. We are a one stop for solution to any floor trouble.


It is generally less costly to sand the floor as compared to replacement of it. To substitute, additional cash is consumed on scratching off the complete floor. However, if you want the existing floor to recover its sparkle, refinishing is the paramount solution, as it only involves swapping of damaged pieces with the new ones. Commercial floor sanding is executed in three steps. First is to prepare, second is to sand, and third is to seal the shine of floor by smearing a protective layer.


We are thrilled to guide our customers with the consultation and advisory service. Whether choosing a floor type, color, or pattern, we assist you to make your decision that is best for you and your economical budget. Several factors are compulsory to look into before commercial floor sanding. That is why our skilled professionals go through the examining phase to ensure the levels of damage. After the assessment, solutions are conversed with the customers. We make sure to turn our customer’s thoughts and concepts into reality.


Always in Style!


Wooden floors are constantly in style. It never get boring and is extensively preferred and installed by majority of people. Thus, investing in wooden floors is never a loss whether these are used in homes or commercial buildings. Correspondingly, commercial floor sanding for wooden pieces is not heavy on your pocket.


Our Workforce is our Asset


We use the finest quality constituents and work under the agreed financial plan to ensure satisfaction of our clients. Our workforce completes the venture on time and deliver the anticipated results. We opt for environment friendly approaches while at work so there is no disturbance instigated because of the commercial floor sanding company process. Our machineries are up to date and our employees are familiar with the modern techniques and technology. Hence, we try our best not to lack behind in terms of equipment or knowledge of the industry.


Ease for Customers


We understand our customer’s urgency and fluctuations in the plan that is why we are available at your suitability. We can make modifications to your appointment if there is an emergency; however, you have to let us know 24 hours prior to the prearranged date. You can also terminate the appointment without any charges; again, you have to call us 24 hours prior.


We have renovated and sanded numerous residential and commercial projects and always exceled at our work due to our experience. Our customers have always been happy with the transformation.